Another Law & Order actor expresses interest in returning to the series

Ed Green
Jesse L. Martin as Detective Ed Green on Law & Order. Pic credit: NBC

Could another past Law & Order face return for the revival?

During a recent talk show appearance, Jesse L. Martin opened up about the possibility of his returning to the franchise as Detective Ed Green. 

While nothing is concrete yet, Martin is only the latest Law & Order star making it clear they’d enjoy making a comeback in the upcoming revival series.

Ed Green’s rise and fall on Law & Order

The original Law & Order saw a lot of popular detectives, but Ed Green was one of the best. 

Green debuted in the Season 10 premiere, played by Martin, an established Broadway star in the hit musical Rent. While not much was given on his background, it was revealed Green lived in the Middle East and once confessed to a gambling problem.

Green could be intense on cases, not above roughing up a suspect and taking some crimes personally. For example, when a good friend and fellow officer was murdered, Green went undercover to personally bust the gang leader responsible.

He was shot in the line of duty which was needed to give Martin time off to film 2005’s Rent movie. He later returned and became one of only five characters to appear on all three Law & Order spin-offs.

In Season 18’s Burn Card, Green was accused of murdering a suspect and briefly arrested. While it was proven he’d acted in self-defense, Green felt burned out by the job to resign and leave New York. 

That was the last seen of the character, yet there’s a chance he might return.

Martin on the possibility of Green returning

Martin had kept busy, mostly by his role as Joe West on the hit CW series The Flash. While appearing on The Talk this week, Martin was asked about the possibility of returning to the role of Green. 

“I couldn’t possibly say. I certainly hope so. There were a lot of loose ends when Ed Green left the scene, if you will.” After seeming to hesitate, Martin added, “yes, maybe.”

Martin jokingly added, “if acting didn’t work out, I could probably be a Law & Order tour guide to New York City…I feel like I know every single corner, marquee, doorway there is in the island of Manhattan.”

Martin’s words are notable given several Law & Order alumni are returning for the upcoming Season 21 revival. Sam Waterston is back as Jack McCoy, while Anthony Anderson will reprise his role as Green’s replacement, Detective Kevin Bernard. 

Also, Vincent D’Onofrio has expressed an interest in returning as Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Bobby Goren. 

As of yet, there seem to be no plans to bring back Green or more characters for the current revival. However, the idea of picking up on Green to show where the character is now would be intriguing and Martin’s words indicate he’s open to bringing this fan-favorite character back today.

Law & Order Season 21 premieres Thursday February 24 at 8/7c on NBC.

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