‘Angry Betty’ Broderick’s double murder spotlighted on Murder Made Me Famous

Betty Broderick when she was younger, in a still from Murder Made Me Famous on REELZChannel
Betty Broderick when she was younger, in a still from Murder Made Me Famous on REELZChannel

Housewife-turned-killer Elizabeth ‘Angry Betty’ Broderick’s double murder is spotlighted tonight on REELZChannel’s Murder Made Me Famous.

The episode looks at what caused Broderick to go from soccer mom to murderer when she killed her former husband Daniel T. Broderick III and his second wife Linda (Kolkena) Broderick in November 1989.

She is currently serving a 32-years-to-life sentence at the California Institute for Women after being convicted of two counts of second-degree murder in December 1991.

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A first trial had resulted in a hung jury after two of the jurors believed she should be convicted of manslaughter saying there had been a lack of intent.

Broderick shot 44-year-old Daniel and 28-year-old Linda in an execution-style killing while they were asleep at his home in San Diego’s Marson Hills neighborhood after driving to his house and letting herself in using her daughter’s keys.

She never denied shooting the pair, and handed herself into police — but always maintained that had been driven to do it after years of psychological abuse from Dan during their marriage, as well as during their divorce and the custody battle over their kids.

She had been married to Dan for 17 years and the pair had four kids together before he told her he wanted a divorce, before marrying his younger secretary Linda.

She had a request for parole denied in January 2010 due to the fact that she didn’t show any remorse and didn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing.

She was denied a second request in January this year.

Tonight’s episode of Made Me Famous is followed by an episode of Scandal Made Me Famous, which looks at the case of Amanda Knox.

Murder Made Me Famous airs tonight at 8ET/PT on REELZChannel.

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Charles Cummings
Charles Cummings
3 years ago

There is never a justification for murder. Yet, in a typical manner Betty’s side of the story is rarely told. Like how this man relentlessly pursued a promising college student. How she worked relentlessly to put him through college and law school, all the while taking care of his children. It is rarely mentioned how this man treated her when he tossed her aside once he obtained his law degree. Having an affair with an associate. Throwing her aside for this same woman. Drawing out their divorce and making her accept less than fair and equal terms. Just be fair and tell both sides.

2 years ago

I think he got exactly what he deserved him and that b**ch because first of all this girl was a good girl she was going to school he stopped her from going to school to help his funky a** which women always do all the time and then men get the credit for it and I said a right so after she killed his a** I don’t think she should be in no time every damn time you looked around she was having a f**king baby by him and he did not even help her with them kids she took care of those kids by her self then he wanna snatch Her kids up and try to raise them with a little b**ch I would’ve killed his a** to Way to go Betty And I’m fake a** friend she had snitches get stitches I would’ve beat all them hoes A**