Anais seduces Rich Dollaz in steamy exchange on Love & Hip Hop

Anais and Rich Dollaz flirting on Love & Hip Hop
Anais in seduction mode on Love & Hip Hop and, inset, Rich Dollaz “whispers” in her ear

Things get steamy on Love & Hip Hop this week after Dominican beauty Anais seduces Rich Dollaz in an ultra-flirtatious exchange — which leads to them going upstairs to do “grown things”.

Temperatures rise after Anais, who is still married to husband Ruben, arranges to meet with Richie D to allegedly talk business…but she obviously has ulterior motives from the get-go.

The pair meet at The Night Hotel in NYC’s Times Square and Anais — happy that Ashley, Navarro and herself are finally on the same page — turns on the charm as the pair share a drink in the public bar.

Sitting on a couch, Richie tells Anais she was a little “flirty” last time they saw each other, which leads her into ultra-seduction mode. Things step up another notch when Anais then moves herself along the couch after making reference to “trying what’s underneath” her dress.

Richie D says: “I’ve met some aggressive girls before, but Anais takes aggression to the whole next level.” He then gives himself the green light to take things further, adding: “Technically I’m not working with Anais so I’m really not mixing business and pleasure.”

Anais says: “My marriage to Reuben cannot really even be called a marriage any more, and when a girl sees something she likes why not go for it?”

It doesn’t take long before Richie D is whispering a little something in Anais’s ear and the pair agree to go do “grown things” upstairs…

Love & Hip Hop airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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