Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate ‘spiritual battle’ at Lizzie Borden House as Kindred Spirits returns

Ami Bruni and Adam Berry at the Lizzie Borden House on Kindred Spirits
Ami Bruni and Adam Berry at the Lizzie Borden House in the premiere of Kindred Spirits Season 2

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry visit the creepy Lizzie Borden House tonight as Kindred Spirits returns for Season 2 on TLC — but not for the normal reasons.

The house in Fall River, Massachusetts, was where Lizzie’s parents were both found murdered with an axe in August 1892. Lizzie was tried over the murders but acquitted, although still remains the prime suspect to this day.

However, in a surprising twist, on the premiere of Kindred Spirits Season 2, Amy and Adam are NOT looking for evidence of the spirits of Abby and Andrew Borden — Lizzie’s mother and father — which are said to haunt the house.

Instead they head to the property, which is now a B&B and museum, to meet tour guide Sue, who is regularly told by ghost hunters that her OWN grandparents haunt the house.

Adam and Amy arriving at the Lizzie Borden House
Adam and Amy arrive at the house, where both Lizzie Borden’s parents were murdered with an axe
Lizzie Borden House guide Sue on Kindred Spirits
Tour guide Sue, who believes the spirits of her grandparents may also reside in the house

It’s claimed that they may be in there to protect her from tragedies that have met other tour guides who have worked at the house.

One has died, while two others have suffered strokes. One person has even told Sue that the ghosts of her grandparents are in a “spiritual” battle with Lizzie’s father.

Amy and Adam are helped in their investigation of the Lizzie Borden House by psychic Chip Coffey — and in the end have to seek help from the ghosts of the BORDENS to find out the truth about Sue’s grandparents.

What they find at the house makes the episode one of their most harrowing to date…

Kindred Spirits airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC.

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