Who went through on AGT tonight? Winners as 7 acts move forward to semifinals

Samuel J. Comroe performing on America's Got Talent
Samuel J. Comroe performing on America’s Got Talent. But who went through? 

Want to know who went through on AGT tonight? The America’s Got Talent winners and results were unveiled during the latest episode on NBC, revealing which acts would continue and who would go home. The second night of the quarterfinals took place on Tuesday night (August 21), as 12 more acts tried to secure spots in the semifinals. America got to vote in the overnight hours, leading to the second “live” results show on Wednesday night.

Some of the acts that performed this week included Makayla Phillips, Voices of Hope, and The Sacred Riana, who put it all on the line for America.

The Dunkin Save

Host Tyra Banks revealed the three acts that had finished sixth, seventh, and eighth in the overnight voting. These are the three acts that were up for the Dunkin’ Save. America would have to vote to save either Da Republik, Makayla Phillips, or Front Pictures. One would be saved by America, one would be saved by the judges, and the third act would be going home by the end of the night.

Through the episode, acts were brought out in dramatic fashion, taking the stage in groups of two or three, building up the suspense of who would advance and who would go home.

It’s a familiar tactic done on reality competition shows such as this one. It also spaces things out so that these America’s Got Talent results shows can fill the full hour to reveal what has been going on with the voters.

The top five acts from America this week were Samuel J. Comroe, Glennis Grace, Noah Guthrie, Voice of Hope, and Duo Transcend. This was the end of the road for acts like The Sacred Riana, The Savitsky Cats, and Yumbo Dump.

As the Dunkin Save, America decided to keep Makayla Phillips around for another week. Then, the AGT judges decided to save Da Republik for another week.

The top seven

In summary, the seven acts that will now advance to the semifinals are Samuel J. Comroe, Glennis Grace, Noah Guthrie, Voices of Hope, Duo Transcend, Makayla Phillips, and Da Republik.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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