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America’s Got Talent recap: Judge Cuts feature Golden Buzzer from Brad Paisley, Sophie Pecora and Chris Klafford performing original songs

Sophie Pecora Returns To AGT
Sophie Pecora returned to America’s Got Talent 2019 for the Judge Cuts round. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

America’s Got Talent returned with the first Judge Cuts episode on Tuesday night. This is the round of the competition where acts that made it through the auditions perform again for the judge’s panel.

The Golden Buzzer winners don’t have to perform yet, as they have advanced all the way to the live shows. Before this episode, five AGT acts had received the Golden Buzzer.

America’s Got Talent recap: Season 14, Episode 8

Singer Brad Paisley joined the judge’s panel for the new episode on the show. He received a Golden Buzzer to give to his favorite act and was asked to share his opinions on each performance.

By the end of the night, seven acts would be advancing to the AGT quarterfinals, but a lot of the acts may have reached the end of their roads.

Brad Paisley Golden Buzzer act: Sophie Pecora

After breezing through the first round of the competition, Sophie Pecora returned to the stage. During the introduction, her mom spoke about how Sophie had written five songs immediately after returning home from the auditions.

She was back on the stage to perform an original song that she called “the most personal out of all of them.” Not only were the four judges impressed, but so was celebrity judge Brad Paisley.

He hit the Golden Buzzer and Sophie is heading to the live shows.

Chris Klafford performs Something Like Me on AGT

Singer Chris Klafford also returned to the AGT stage on Tuesday night. He decided to go with an original song called “Something Like Me” during his performance.

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During his audition performance, Klafford went with “Imagine” by John Lennon, so this was definitely going to be a risky endeavor. The video below shows his full performance and the reaction of the judges.

The Messoudi Brothers on AGT

Another performance that has to be mentioned from the first episode of America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts comes from The Messoudi Brothers. They took the stage right after arriving from the airport and had to prove that they could perform under pressure.

Their amazing performance can be seen in the video. Did they do enough to make it all the way to America’s Vote and the live shows? Check out their performance and decide for yourself!

AGT quarterfinalists

Seven acts from the evening have made it through to the live shows. They are Sophie Pecora, Chris Klafford, The Messoudi Brothers, Emerald Belles, Berywam, Lukas & Falco, and the Ndiovu Youth Choir.

Judge Cuts 1: Eliminated AGT acts

The following acts were eliminated during Judge Cuts 1: Andy Rowell, Dakota and Nadia, Damiyr, Duo Togni, Dylan, Jecko, Kevin Schwartz, Loki Alohikea, Matthew Richardson, and The Sentimentalists.

The next installment of America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts comes on July 23 when comedian Jay Leno will join the judge’s panel.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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