American Horror Story update: The Coven will return but not next season

American Horror Story
The Coven of witches will return to American Horror Story, but not next season. Pic credit: Michele K. Short/FX

For many hardcore American Horror Story fans, it was a thrill to revisit some previous seasons in Apocalypse, including a visit with the witches from The Coven, a trip to The Murder House, and a brief stay at the mysterious Hotel Cortez.

And now, fans are curious whether the witches will come back next season. Ryan Murphy revealed to Entertainment Tonight this week at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony that we haven’t seen the last of his beloved witches. The Coven will be back, but they won’t be on the upcoming season of the show.

Murphy did say that they had something really fun planned for the upcoming season. FX has renewed American Horror Story for season 9 and 10 so far, but Murphy has made no revelations about whether the 10th season is the last for him.

As Monsters and Critics previously revealed, Murphy has already teased some story ideas for the upcoming season. When American Horror Story: Apocalypse ended, he revealed that he was back working with three previous actors from the show.

Cody Fern was the Antichrist Michael Langdon in Apocalypse, Finn Wittrock was in Freak Show, and Darren Criss was killed off in Hotel.

At present time, it’s uncertain what Ryan Murphy is planning for season 9. He’s clearly recycling some of the actors from previous seasons, and possibly even added some characters.

At this point, Murphy hasn’t done a crossover with Asylum (season 2), Freak Show (season 4), Roanoke (season 6), or Cult (season 7.) Perhaps the ninth season will combine these seasons, and then the anniversary season, season 10, will combine the two major stories presented in Apocalypse and season 9 respectively.

Only time will tell what Ryan Murphy will do with his wildly popular American Horror Story.

American Horror Story season 9 is expected to hit FX in fall 2019.

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