American Horror Story Season 9 is called 1984 – and won’t feature Evan Peters

The new American Horror Story theme is 1984
A new American Horror Story trailer has dropped and the theme is revealed. Pic credit: FX

American Horror Story fans can get excited about the newest season of the show. Season 9 is expected to premiere this fall and Ryan Murphy is ready to release more information about the show.

In an Instagram post shared this morning, Murphy revealed that the new season will be called 1984, and the trailer appears to pay homage to the scary movies that were released in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, including Friday The 13th.

In fact, the trailer shows a young woman running through the woods, being chased by a man in a mask who is following her. He’s carrying a big knife. She tries to hide in a cabin in the woods, but he finds her and tries to kill her – very similar to Jason Voorhees.

You can see the brief trailer below.

Little is known about the season, but Emma Roberts and Olympian Gus Kenworthy are the only ones confirmed so far. They will be playing a couple, who will possibly be hunted by the serial killer.

Sometimes, the trailers can be very different from the seasons so it’s not possible to determine the exact plot of the upcoming season from this single trailer.

Evan Peters won’t be returning for this season of American Horror Story. At WonderCon, he revealed that he would “sit a season out” after having filmed every single season since the beginning, often playing some of the bigger roles.

As we’ve previously reported, he decided to sit a season out because he felt completely burned out. On top of filming the show, he had also been working on American Animals, a full-length movie.

Evan also revealed that filming those darker roles weren’t always fun for him, and he would be open to doing more comedy instead.

American Horror Story Season 9 is set to return this fall on FX.

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