Amazing footage of a bear ransacking a house with owner inside on Animal Planet’s series Intruders

Bear invades a cabin
This bear is making itself right at home, opening up the fridge to check out what’s good for eating

Intruders is a new series on Animal Planet that features the real life stories of homeowners fighting to get their homes back from snakes, bears, rats and all manner of other critters who’ve taken a liking to their houses.

Each episode features tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat as first-hand accounts and video footage recreate the often terrifying encounters these people and their families had with Mother Nature.

Tonight’s episode features a black bear that breaks into a house whilst the owner is blissfully unaware and sound asleep upstairs. The hungry bear manages to open up the fridge and ransacks the kitchen. When the owner wakes up and comes downstairs it takes him a few moments to realise there is possibly a bear still in his house!

Another story recount the terrifying experience a young couple had when they were trapped in their trailer by an aggressive swarm of bees. They called some professionals for help but just could not afford the thousands of dollars that some of the pest controllers wanted to deal with the bees.

That night they were woken up with bees in their bedroom, but they could not work out where they were getting in and their fear grew as the bees began to sting.

If you’re interested in finding out what happens when the human and animal worlds collide in dramatic fashion, then Intruders will be a tune-in must on Sunday nights.

Intruders airs Sundays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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