Atz risks health and Otto airlifts huge greenhouse on Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jewel and her son Alaska: The Last Frontier
Jewel’s son seems to love the pioneer life on Alaska: The Last Frontier

This week’s Alaska: The Last Frontier sees Atz Lee put his recovery in danger and Otto move a massive greenhouse with a helicopter.

Atz is not a man to be put off easily and he risk his recovery process by getting on with building the cabin on his own.

Meantime, Otto uses a helicopter to fly a very big greenhouse to its new home….will he manage it without breaking anything?

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Also this episode, Eve learns a handy new skill to help her feed the family.

Plus check this cool clip where Jewel’s son proves to love the frontier life as he helps his famous mom and his family build a bridge.

Watch Alaska: The Last Frontier – Chopper Rescue at 9 PM on Discovery. 

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