Absentia Season 2 release date on Amazon Prime Video: Here’s when crime thriller premieres in 2019

Stana Katic as FBI Special Agent Emily Byrne
Absentia returns for Season 2 in June. Pic credit: AXN

Amazon Prime Video confirmed the Season 2 return (for U.S. audience) of the crime thriller Absentia back in September 2018, after the first season premiered on the streaming platform in February that year.

Amazon announced the renewal of Absentia for a second season with a video featuring series star Stana Katic and other cast members.

Katic revealed in the video that Season 2 of the show was in production, with filming taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria

Ahead of the premiere of the series on Amazon Prime Video, here is everything you need to know.

Absentia Season 2 release date

Absentia Season 2 will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on June 14, 2019.

How many episodes will there be?

The second season of Absentia is expected to feature 10 episodes, the same number as were in the first run.

Production details

Absentia is a crime thriller that premiered internationally on Sony Pictures Television Networks AXN on September 25, 2017. The series premiered on Amazon Prime Video for U.S. audience in February 2018.

AXN renewed the series for Season 2 in June 2018. Amazon Prime Video confirmed it was picking up the series for a second season in September.

That premiered on AXN on March 26, 2019, but will be available to U.S. audience on Amazon Prime on June 14, 2019.

The series is created by Gaia Violo and Matt Cirulnick, and stars Stana Katic, Patrick Heusinger, Cara Theobold, Neil Jackson, Angel Bonanni, Bruno Bichir, and Paul Freeman, among others.

Katic, Cirulnick, Oded Ruskin, Julie Glucksman, Maria Feldman, and Tamir Kfir, serve as executive producers. The second season is directed by Ruskin, Adam Sanderson, and Kasia Adamik.

Deadline reported in March 2018 that Samantha Corbin-Miller was replacing Matt Cirulnick as showrunnner.

The production company is Masha Productions. The series is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

Absentia Season 2 trailer

A trailer for Absentia Season 2 was released on March 14, 2019.

Cast: Who’ll be in the second season?

The series stars Stana Katic as FBI Special Agent Emily Byrne, who was presumed dead after she went missing. She returns six years later with no memories of what happened to her during the time she was missing. But she soon becomes the prime suspect in a number of gruesome murders that happened during the time she was missing.

Emily goes on the run while trying to clear her name.

Patrick Heusinger will return as Emily’s husband and fellow FBI Special Agent Nick Durand. He remarries after Emily went missing. But when Emily is suspected of involvement in a series of murders he works to prove her innocence.

Cara Theobold will return as Nick’s new wife Alice Durand. Neil Jackson will reprise his role as Emily’s brother Jack Byrne.

Others cast members expected to return for Season 2 include Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand, Emily and Nick’s nine-year-old son. Emily is challenged to rebuild her relationship with Flynn, but he has no memory of her mother after Emily has been missing for six years.

Paul Freeman is also expected to return as Warren Byrne, and Angel Bonanni as Tommy Gibbs.

New cast members include Matthew Le Nevez as ex-Navy SEAL Carl Isaac, and Natasha Little as Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen.

Absentia: What is the series about?

Absentia follows Emily Byrne, an FBI agent in Boston who is declared dead in absentia after she disappears mysteriously while tracking a notorious serial killer. She is found barely alive six years later inside a cabin the woods having lost all memory of what happened to her during the period that she was missing.

She returns home to find that her husband has remarried since she went missing and that her husband’s new wife is raising her son as his stepmother.

But things take a turn for the worse when she is implicated — apparently framed — in a series of murders that occurred during the time she was missing. She goes on the run but eventually clears her name.

What to expect in Season 2

While Emily tries to rebuild her relationship with her son Flynn, she also tries to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding her past.

The official synopsis for Absentia Season 2 reads:

After tracking down and killing her abductor, former FBI agent Emily Byrne struggles to define her new normal as a mother and a survivor of six years of physical and mental torture. Even while she rebuilds her relationship with her son, Flynn, Emily still cannot shake the darkness of her past. She enlists Boston police detective Tommy Gibbs in a secret investigation of her mysterious history. When the case turns deadly, she risks everything to uncover the truth.

Absentia Season 2 will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on June 14, 2019.

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