I’m a Virgo: What is a Twamp Monster?

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for I’m a Virgo. If you’re tuning into Amazon Prime Video‘s I’m a Virgo, there are probably a few questions that you’re asking. We can’t exactly tell you how Cootie got to be 13 feet tall, or the likelihood of a superhero becoming a real person. However, we know


Good Night Oppy review: The Notebook of space-based documentaries

Good Night Oppy is a love story. Not in the same sense as When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle. But this could be The Notebook of scientific documentaries. A relationship is formed and continues to grow over time, and the bittersweet battle of aging plays an antagonistic role in the lasting bond. The


Goodnight Mommy review: Introducing the generic version

Goodnight Mommy sees Naomi Watts as Mother, a single mother investing her energy into two sons– Elias (Cameron Crovetti) and Lucas (Nicholas Crovetti)–following a facial procedure. The film presents the narrative from the perspective of the children as they return to their mom who now wears a medical mask over her face for undisclosed reasons.


Don’t Make Me Go review: A heartfelt road trip with an unnecessary gut punch

Don’t Make Me Go sees John Cho as Max Park, a father figure with cancer. After discovering his illness, Max is faced with insurmountable odds of living. Being a single father, Max decides to take his daughter Wally (Mia Isaac) on a road trip in hopes of giving his daughter some final life lessons. The


Lucy and Desi review: When love imitates art

Lucy and Desi bring a collage of audio and video archives together to retell the love story of the greatest couple in television history. The documentary from actress and comedian Amy Poehler is an emotional recount of the powerhouse love story of these television titans — from love at first sight to the creation of


I Want You Back review: A worthy Valentine’s stream?

I Want You Back sees two characters in the midst of a break-up with two different sets of partners. It then asks the question, what if two heartbroken people worked together to win back their exes? The film, which stars Charlie Day and Jenny Slate, brings this concept to fruition with an old-fashioned rom-com plot.


Will there be a Reacher Season 2?

Reacher has punched its way onto Amazon Prime Video and into the hearts of fans of Lee Child’s novels. The new take that is unrelated to the Tom Cruise films brings a new face to the character that has fans and critics praising the change. That new face is Alan Ritchson, an actor that embodies


Hotel Transylvania: Transformania review: Less Adam Sandler is not a bad thing

Hotel Transylvania is back with a fourth entry to entertain audiences of all ages with its monstrous mayhem and comedic voice cast. Most of the cast returns in the fourth entry except the leading man Adam Sandler. This time voice talent Brian Hull has taken over the reins of Dracula– or as Andy Samberg as


Exclusive: Fairfax’s Jaboukie Young-White opens up about his journey to animation

Comedian Jaboukie Young-White is a familiar name to anyone who’s well-acquainted with the online world. This social media star turned comedian has spent years building an incredible online presence, effortlessly adapting to the sophomoric humor of Millenial Twitter and the aesthetically-focused nature of Instagram. As an admirer of comedy and television, Young-White has flourished in


Without Remorse review: Should you watch the latest Tom Clancy movie?

Tom Clancy movies are not in the conversation the same way as they were in the 90s. It was not until Amazon attempted Jack Ryan as a series that the character found a new lease on life. Now, Paramount with Amazon is attempting another Clancy adaptation using Without Remorse. This time, the studio has Michael