Aaron left terrified after ear pulling on Ghost Adventures at Asylum 49

ZAk Bagans talks with a former nurse at Asylum 49 in a dark corridor
Ghost Adventures at Asylum 49 where a nurse tells Zak something was killing patients

This week on Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans and the team are headed back to Tooele, Utah, where they investigate an old nursing home next to the asylum they previously visited.

The team previously visited the Tooele Hosptial asylum, which is now known as Asylum 49 and a offers a full haunted experience with actors and props putting on a scary performance that you can interact with.

However, just because the old stories have now become a commercial enterprise that does not mean that all the paranormal activity has been put to rest. Indeed some think that its now impossible to tell what is fake and what is not.

Nearby is the connected nursing home that recently closed and it has been the subject to many of its own rumors. The team decide to have a lockdown at the home and things quickly get quite out of hand.

Aaron visits a room where a patient is said to have died and he spots a shadow figure flitting past. He also has a scary experience when an unknown entity grabs his ear.

A nurse who used to work at the nursing home thinks that an entity there was killing patients, could this be what Aaron has stumbled on?

Ghost Adventures airs at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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