A Teacher: Will there be a Season 2 on Hulu?

Eric and Claire on A Teacher
High school senior Eric and teacher Claire start a predatory relationship in A Teacher. Pic credit: FX on Hulu

Season 1 of A Teacher concluded ten episodes on December 29 with a look ten years into the future.

Does this mean that Season 2 of A Teacher will pick up from there on FX on Hulu?

Probably not.

To understand why, consider what happened in that final episode. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

How Season 1 of A Teacher ends

The story of A Teacher, which began with a taboo relationship between high school senior Eric (Nick Robinson) and his teacher, Claire Wilson (Kate Mara), ended with a stunning revelation.

Claire had been able to put the pieces of her life together after going to prison for what had happened between her and her 17-year-old lover. She managed to marry and had two daughters.

Claire, who now lived in Houston, was in Austin with her family to celebrate her dad’s 75th birthday when she runs into Eric in a grocery store. And Eric, who was now a wilderness guide for young kids, had returned to Austin for his high school reunion.

The former lovers experienced an extremely awkward reunion of their own as Eric was picking up produce to take to his mother’s house. In fact, he only uttered a few words before leaving the premises without even checking out.

Later in that episode, a final rendezvous between Claire and Eric gave the former student a chance to let his former teacher know that what happened between them had all but ruined his life.

At her behest, they met for lunch.

Claire apologized for the fact that she had crossed the line with her student. However, she seemed completely incapable of accepting any of the responsibility and instead blamed the predatory relationship on Eric.

He quietly but sternly reacted, telling Claire what a monumental impact their inappropriate relationship had on his life. Eric told her that he had not been able to move on from that disastrous time in his young life and that both of them would have to live with its consequences.

As the victim of their circumstances, Eric walked away from the table with some semblance of closure.

A Teacher was released as a limited series

A Teacher on Hulu was conceived as a limited series based on executive producer Hannah Fidell’s 2013 film of the same name. For that iteration, Lindsay Burdge was cast as the teacher, named Diana Watts, and Will Brittain was cast as Eric.

As such, the story told in the film was a shorter version of the miniseries.

So, is there room for more material? Is there enough fodder for Hulu to present a second season of A Teacher?


But that said, as of December 30, Hulu has not picked up A Teacher for Season 2.

This may mean the streaming service has no intention of continuing Claire and Eric’s story.

Still, Hulu has yet to announce all pick-ups. So, avid viewers may need to wait until sometime in 2021 to learn if A Teacher will actually continue, or if A Teacher will be canceled after airing the ten episodes of Season 1.

A Teacher is available to stream on FX on Hulu.

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