A beloved Spider-Man series mysteriously vanishes from Disney+

Spider-Man the Animated Series Pic credit: Fox

Maybe Thanos’ Snap hit Disney+.

Subscribers to the streaming service were surprised over last weekend to learn that the 1994 Spider-Man Animated series was no longer available on the streaming service without warning.

While no word has been given as to why, Disney is assuring viewers it will return soon.

The Spidey Series

Among the many great touches of the Disney+ series is Disney showing many past animated shows, most of which were acquired when they merged with 20th Century Fox. 

This includes several Spider-Man shows from the 1981 cartoon to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends to the Ultimate Spider-Man series, along with the beloved 1990s X-Men Animated Series.

Perhaps the best was Spider-Man the Animated Series. Airing on Fox from 1994 to 1998, the show is still loved by fans for capturing the classic era of Spidey, adapting many of his best stories and a great supporting cast that included Marvel heroes like the Punisher, Daredevil, and others. 

The series has been on Disney+ since it launched in November of 2019 and still among its most-watched past programming. 

That was why fans were thrown to discover the series no longer appearing on Disney+ over the weekend.

Unlike other streaming sites, Disney+ doesn’t give warnings when a show will leave the service but often waits until the first of the month to remove content. 

A return coming

As fans complained, one posted a conversation he had with a Disney+ spokesperson who acknowledged the absence but said that the series will return. 

“Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding Spider-Man missing from the Disney+ service. I completely understand your frustration here, but please know that we are aware of this issue and are actively working towards a resolution. The good news is that Spider-Man (1994) will be returning to the service shortly, but we do not have any specific dates to share at this time. I would suggest checking the Disney+ app at a later date.”

Usually, a show’s removal from a streaming service involves the rights issues with the original studio. But given Disney owns both Fox properties and Marvel and that other Spider-Man shows are still on the service, the absence of Spider-Man 1994 is confusing. 

There had been rumors in early April that the upcoming Spider-Man No Way Home would utilize the 1994 animated Spider-Man somehow, but original producer John Semper debunked it.

There have been cases of Disney removing movies or shows from the service (many over questionable content) only for them to return with no warning. 

It may well be that it’s simply a technical issue involving Disney+ itself, and the series will be restored quickly.

As it stands now, fans will have to wait for this incarnation of the Wall-Crawler to be swinging again.

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