Seven Year Switch Season 4: Has show been canceled or renewed by Lifetime?

The Season 3 finale of Seven Year Switch reveals which couples stayed together and who decided it’s time to go their separate ways. But as the show wraps, what fans want to know is will Seven Year Switch be returning for Season 4? After its first season on Lifetime (and two on the FYI network) the

Seven Year Switch exclusive: Angela drops a bomb on Tony

When Charles shows up to talk to Angela and Tony on Seven Year Switch this week, he learns that the couple still aren’t communicating. After spending time apart for the switch experiment, the two were supposed to start talking more — so this is not a good sign. It all comes down to Angela’s ultimatum

Seven Year Switch exclusive: Rosslyn confides in Reece after Diane says

In this week’s episode of Seven Year Switch, Rosslyn confides in Reece about how Diane has been making breakthroughs with her husband Bobby. Diane and Bobby have been able to open up to each other recently and when Rosslyn learned about it, the information clearly bothered her. Rosslyn has been having no trouble communicating with

Seven Year Switch exclusive: Angela and Charles are bonding

If only all matchmaking worked out as successfully as putting Angela and Charles together on Seven Year Switch. Both are married to other people but after spending some time together as part of a big relationship experiment, the two are really enjoying themselves. Probably a little too much! In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive Seven Year

Seven Year Switch’s Tim and Jackie share adorable pics of baby Chadwick

Seven Year Switch’s Tim and Jackie have shared adorable pics of baby Chadwick as he reaches ten weeks old. Their son is just over ten weeks old after being born on August 29. The couple became pregnant with him just a week after they finished filming Seven Year Switch — which they say brought them