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Seven Year Switch exclusive: Will Diane and Reece’s marriage survive after switch therapy?

Season 3 of Seven Year Switch ends tonight and so might a marriage or two by the way things look. In this exclusive sneak peek from Lifetime, Diane and Reece sit down with Dr. Jessica Griffin and Charles J. Orlando to wrap up their switch therapy and things still aren’t perfect for the pair.

Dr. Jessica zeroes in on Diane, bringing up her unwillingness to prioritize her marriage. The counselors explain that Diane is type A and has a lot of goals and things that keep her busy.

She’s very goal-driven and focused. However, Diane’s high drive is making Reece feel unappreciated and as he said at the beginning of Season 3, he’d like to see more of his wife.

Diane speaking with Dr. Jessica Griffin on Seven Year Switch
Diane is a real go-getter but it’s putting her marriage in jeopardy. Pic credit: Lifetime

After speaking with Dr. Jessica and Charles, Diane argues that she has been more conscious of her tendency to put work first and that she has been trying to prioritize her marriage.

On the other hand, Dr. Jessica pointed out that Reece is a “people pleaser.” She told Reece that he needed to work harder on talking about his feelings even when it’s hard for him to do.

However, when Reece does try to open up, he clams up and can’t find the words. That doesn’t impress Diane at all and she admits in the one-on-one interview that she wanted him to be more assertive.

Will Diane and Reece be able to make their marriage work after switch therapy when she so clearly isn’t focused on Reece’s needs and he still can’t figure out how to talk about it?

The Seven Year Switch Season 3 finale airs tonight at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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