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Seven Year Switch exclusive: Reece laughs at Bobby when it’s time to get serious about their wives

Bobby and Reece traded wives on Seven Year Switch, and now the two husbands are coming face to face. When Bobby tries to talk to Reece about the women in their lives, he ends up calling Diane’s husband out for being disrespectful.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive Seven Year Switch sneak peek, Bobby reveals that he cried in front of Diane. The troubled husband is often quiet and has a hard time opening up but when he finally did, it was an emotional moment.

The two men have been put together so they can share the things they learned about each others’ wives and to help the other understand what the woman in his life really wants and is missing.

The back of Bobby's head as Reece laughs on Seven Year Switch
Bobby calls Reece out for laughing at him on Seven Year Switch

When Reece starts telling Bobby that Rosslyn wants him to be more “open and expressive,” Bobby admits that he broke down about it in front of Diane. That’s when Reece starts laughing at him and says, “That’s gotta be tough!”

In a confessional, Bobby opens up some more, saying, “Since switch therapy I’ve changed in the fact that I now acknowledge my feelings and I really didn’t appreciate that Reece was laughing about it.”

Bobby admits that he really likes his “new life” with Diane but that he also really loves his real wife, Rosslyn. He’s really confused but he’ll have to make a choice soon.

After all, the whole reason behind switch therapy is to determine if you’re in the right marriage or if it’s time to move on.  Does that mean Bobby is considering walking away from Rosslyn after learning so much about himself?

Seven Year Switch airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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