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Seven Year Switch exclusive: Will Kenya’s marriage last after her confession about Tony?

There’s a lot of tension this week on Seven Year Switch as Kenya and Angela come face to face. When Kenya claims that she got more out of switch therapy than Angela did, it becomes clear that there is tension between the two wives.

“With Tony, I thought, can this be my husband? I feel like I got more out of the experience than Angela did!” Kenya exclaimed as Angela sat back and sucked her teeth, looking like she was holding back.

Relationship expert Charles J. Orlando explains that there is tension between Kenya and Angela, which is beyond obvious. But he also goes on to explain that the reason for bringing the women together is to work out that tension and also because the jealousy between them can really make both wives realize that they don’t want to lose their respective husbands.

Kenya on Seven Year Switch
Kenya is really enjoying her time with Tony on Seven Year Switch

Angela chimes in and reminds Kenya that she’s not going back to the same man. That is fine with Kenya, who says that she doesn’t want the same Charles back and she’s glad that the experiment will change him.

There’s also a bit of shade thrown in when Angela talks about Kenya in the confessional. She says that she “can’t believe that she does not take into consideration her responsibility for herself.”

Seven Year Switch airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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