Seven Year Switch exclusive: Diane and Reece will switch it up after a decade of marriage

Diane and Reeve on Seven Year SwitchSeven Year Switch
Seven Year Switch – this is Diane and Reece

Seven Year Switch is back for Season 3 on Lifetime and once again swaps everything around for couples who want to make sure they are married for the right reasons. Diane and Reece are the latest couple to try switch therapy in an effort to rekindle their love.

After 10 years of marriage, Diane and Reece have hit a plateau in their relationship and need to figure a few things out. Diane tends to be a bit more of the dominant partner and Reece has been dubbed “the peacemaker” but is there trouble brewing under the surface?

It’s pretty clear that, after a decade of marriage, Diane and Reece need to recharge. In the Seven Year Switch exclusive sneak peek, the couple can be seen fussing about Reece’s business.

The problem is, Diane thinks that Reece isn’t taking his business seriously enough. On the other hand, Reece wishes Diane wasn’t such a workaholic.

Diane and Reeve on Seven Year SwitchSeven Year Switch
Seven Year Switch – this is Diane and Reece

Reece explains that Diane goes to work every day and that he kind of wishes she’d be around the house and spend more time with him. It looks like the two might need some help getting back on track with each other.

That’s where switch therapy comes in. Is it possible that having Diane and Reece spend time as part of a different family that they may find a renewed appreciation for each other?

Seven Year Switch is brought to us by the same producers as Married at First Sight. Couples switch partners for a two-week trial marriage that is supposed to help each partner to either appreciate their own spouse or to find out what is missing in their marriage so they can fix it.

Relationship experts Dr. Jessica and Charles J. Orlando help the couples as they explore what life would be like with a different partner. Then, at the end of this relationship experiment, the couples will decide if they really want to stay together or if they’re ready to move on.

Will Diane and Reece find a way to bring the spark back? Or will their time on Seven Year Switch prove that they aren’t meant for each other?

Seven Year Switch airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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