Seven Year Switch exclusive: Angela drops a bomb on Tony

When Charles shows up to talk to Angela and Tony on Seven Year Switch this week, he learns that the couple still aren’t communicating.

After spending time apart for the switch experiment, the two were supposed to start talking more — so this is not a good sign.

It all comes down to Angela’s ultimatum and whether or not she’s talked to Charles about it. She learned a lot during the switch and now she knows exactly what she wants in a husband.

Will their marriage survive?

Angela and Tony talk to Charles on Seven Year Switch
Angela and Tony are still proving to have problems on Seven Year Switch. Pic credit: Lifetime

When Charles speaks with the couple, he asks about their moving plans. Angela says that she hasn’t even talked to Tony yet.

Then, Angela announces that she definitely is moving. This clearly is news to Tony, who looks stunned.

Charles seems shocked too and asks the couple why they haven’t talked about their biggest issue yet. Then, during a confessional, he explains that Angela and Tony have a huge problem. The two weren’t communicating well before switch therapy, and now they aren’t doing any better.

Speaking plainly, Charles says that Angela and Tony need to use the skills they learned during switch therapy. If they don’t, he says their marriage is headed for divorce. But how will things pan out?

Seven Year Switch airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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