Seven Year Switch exclusive: Angela and Charles are bonding

Charles and Angela meet with Dr. Jenn on Seven Year Switch
Charles and Angela seem to be having the time of their lives together on Seven Year Switch

If only all matchmaking worked out as successfully as putting Angela and Charles together on Seven Year Switch. Both are married to other people but after spending some time together as part of a big relationship experiment, the two are really enjoying themselves. Probably a little too much!

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive Seven Year Switch sneak peek, Dr. Jessica Griffin explains the reasoning for the switch experiment, which is supposed to help married couples to decide once and for all if they are married to the right partner or if they really are searching for something else.

Charles J. Orlando is also seen in the clip, warning that the purpose behind the show isn’t to match people together so they can hook up. “It’s about figuring out the future of their real marriages,” he explains.

So when Angela and Charles decide to “turn up all night long,” that leaves many worried about what their real spouses might think. It has already been shared that Charles’ wife Kenya is not happy to see how well the new pair are getting along.

Will Angela and Charles cross lines that aren’t meant to be crossed? Or will they stay true to their spouses?

Seven Year Switch airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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