Who was Ben on Ozark? A refresher on the tragedy of Ben Davis

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 landed this weekend on Netflix and it already has the internet revisiting one of the best characters the show has seen. Ben Davis might be gone from Ozark but his ghost lurks throughout the beginnings of Season 4. Tom Pelphrey brought an intense and heartbreaking performance as Ben. And if


Ozark Season 4 Part 1 review: The Byrdes undertake cartel emancipation

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 will hit streaming this week to bring viewers back to the dark and dreary Missouri crime world of the Byrde family. The series returns with so much to unpack with new crime bosses, annoying private investigators, politicians, and questionable FBI agents. And it carries this heavy luggage in a jam-packed


Ozark Season 4: Book, based on Ruth Langmore, released ahead of final season

Earlier this month, a book was released by popular Ozark character Ruth Langmore, played by Julia Garner. The book titled I Don’t Know Sh*t About F*ck: The Official Ozark Guide to Life by Ruth Langmore is a tribute to the character’s foul mouth. The 128-page book is a quick read, which a synopsis describes as


Ozark Season 4 release date and cast updates: When is it coming out on Netflix?

When will Ozark Season 4 hit Netflix? That is the million-dollar question as fans anxiously await to see what happens to Marty, Wendy, and their life as it escalates into madness. Here is everything we know about the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix crime drama series, Ozark. Here is everything we know so far


Netflix releases Ozark Season 4 first look ahead of premiere release

Netflix has released some exclusive footage of the long-awaited Season 4 of Ozark. The most current season was released on March 27, 2020. Season 3 of Ozark is considered its best so far, scoring a 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The binge-worthy series found its footing with the action-packed season that introduced Ben


Ozark Season 4 release date: Netflix series is not coming in September

Ozark is one of the best series Netflix has produced, and fans are anticipating a release date for Season 4. It has been well over a year since Netflix released Ozark Season 3 in late March 2020. The series was renewed in June 2020 for its fourth and final season, split into two parts. As


Netflix Golden Globe nominees: Ozark, Mank, The Crown and more

Many people predicted that Netflix would dominate this year’s Golden Globe nominations due to COVID-19 related production delays halting the release of new movies and new network television. They were right, the Netflix nominations nearly doubled in size since last year.  Last year, Netflix productions were nominated for 17 Golden Globes and this year, they


Ozark Season 4 theories: Ruth Langmore goes solo and Ben Davis may be alive

Netflix announced earlier this year that Ozark Season 4 will be the final season of the popular series spearheaded by Jason Bateman. It was announced last month that the final season will have 14 episodes and it will be split into two parts. Previous seasons of Ozark had 10 episodes; therefore, Netflix is giving the


Has Ozark been renewed for a fourth season and when will it come out?

The latest season of Ozark has shaken the world with new casting and compelling story arcs. Actors such as Tom Pelphrey and Madison Thompson made welcome additions to an already dynamic cast. Plus, it does not hurt that REO Speedwagon joined the show for a brief cameo. Because of this, many are wondering if Ozark


REO Speedwagon on Ozark: Who are they?

Season 3 of Ozark is here on Netflix and fans of the ’80s get a chance to see REO Speedwagon make an appearance on the series. While it may seem like a strange addition, it actually makes sense when you think about it. REO Speedwagon on Ozark on Netflix The plot of Ozark follows Marty