Has Ozark been renewed for a fourth season and when will it come out?

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde from Ozark
Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde from Ozark. Pic credit: Netflix

The latest season of Ozark has shaken the world with new casting and compelling story arcs.

Actors such as Tom Pelphrey and Madison Thompson made welcome additions to an already dynamic cast. Plus, it does not hurt that REO Speedwagon joined the show for a brief cameo.

Because of this, many are wondering if Ozark has been renewed for a fourth season after such an explosive finale. Has it been renewed, and when will the Netflix series return?

Here is everything to know about Ozark season 4 and when fans of the show can expect Netflix to drop the next chapter.

Will Ozark be renewed for season 4?

As of right now, Netflix has yet to renew Ozark for a fourth season. But given how the series wrapped things up at the end of season 3, it’s a safe bet that it will likely happen in the coming months.

This is especially true once the coast is clear on the pandemic caused by coronavirus.

There’s also an interview over at Collider with Jason Bateman hinting that the show has a plan for more seasons, but how many is stated in a very ambiguous manner:

“I think there’s always been the presumed area [of] three seasons, four seasons, five seasons, something like that. [Ozark] was never going to be a limited series of just 10 episodes.”

There’s also the finale, which leaves so much to be explored in an additional season.

Spoiler alert for Ozark Season 3 ahead.

In the final moments, Wendy and Marty Byrde flew to Mexico to either attend his son’s baptism or to die, and Helen Pierce tagged along.

Once they landed, Navarro shockingly kills Helen and embraces Wendy and Marty, hinting at a newfound business relationship.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Chris Mundy broke down this finale and it strongly suggests that he has a plan going forward:

“Wendy and Marty have now pulled off two impossibilities for [Navarro]. One is getting a casino to launder through in the first place, which is sort of the holy grail of money laundering.

And the second is that, at least in Navarro’s mind, their claim that they have the FBI on their side and can swing the power of the U.S. government in the intervention in the drug war against their rivals, that’s something virtually no one else can do, and that essentially tipped the scales for Marty and Wendy.”

This does not sound like the words of a man ready to close the doors on his story just yet.

When will Ozark Season 4 be on Netflix?

There are a lot of factors at stake right now as far as timing for Ozark Season 4.

For one, Netflix has shut down most of its productions because of coronavirus, and the second, it needs to be renewed.

However, Bateman himself has suggested that the series may return in 2021 or early 2022, but this is unclear at the moment.

In the same interview with Collider, Bateman explains that it takes “basically 12 months” for a season to be completed, and with everything being shut down, it’s hard to say when pre-production can start before Ozark Season 4 can start filming.

Only time will tell when Netflix viewers can witness the continued resilience of the Byrde family, but it’s one that viewers are highly anticipating.

Ozark Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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