Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam? Does Dr. Helen Sharpe die?

Freema Agyeman, who plays Dr. Helen Sharpe, mysteriously disappeared during the New Amsterdam season finale after the ambulance she was riding in was sideswiped by a stolen ambulance. She was in the ambulance with Dr. Lauren Bloom, Georgia Goodwin, Max Goodwin, and their newborn daughter, Luna. The episode revealed that someone died during the crash


What happened to Max’s wife Georgia on New Amsterdam?

Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold, has been battling his cancer on New Amsterdam while trying to do his job, but one person has been noticeably missing from all of his treatments – his wife Georgia Goodwin, played by Lisa O’Hare. On New Amsterdam, Georgia is pregnant with the couple’s child and has been pregnant

Why isn’t New Amsterdam on tonight? When will the show return?

There is no new episode of New Amsterdam tonight. The series, which ended with an unanswered question last week as Dr. Max Goodwin and Dr. Lauren Bloom started questioning their feelings for one another, isn’t done for the season. Last week was not the Season 1 finale. Instead, NBC is taking a long break from

New Amsterdam recap Episode 16: King of Swords challenges Dr. Goodwin and his team

The doctors at New Amsterdam hospital were faced with a blizzard-like snowstorm during Tuesday’s episode. The episode started out with Dr. Max Goodwin realizing that the storm would keep the hospital busy, challenging how they could help patients coming in for medical help, especially since several hospitals in the city had shut down. Dr. Lauren

New Amsterdam Season 2: What we know about premiere date and plot

Last month, NBC announced that New Amsterdam had been renewed for a Season 2. The show started out with a small order, but Season 1 grew and nine additional episodes were added by the network. Now that Season 2 has received a green light, fans of the show are wondering how long they have to

Who plays Dr. Lauren Bloom on New Amsterdam? Janet Montgomery is a new mom

Janet Montgomery is currently starring as Dr. Lauren Bloom on NBC’s newest hit, New Amsterdam. But this busy actress has been active for years and she recently had a baby with her partner, Joe Fox. Even though fans may recognize her as the Adderall-addicted doctor on the show, she actually has a lengthy acting resume

New Amsterdam cast: Who plays Max Goodwin on the NBC show?

Ryan Eggold can currently be seen as Dr. Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam, but this is far from his first role. In fact, this isn’t his first role on a primetime NBC show. Eggold has been part of the NBC family for years. He was born in August 1984 in Los Angeles, California. From an

Janet Montgomery gives birth to baby girl: Ryan Eggold meets Sunday Juno Fox

Janet Montgomery, who plays Dr. Lauren Bloom on New Amsterdam, has given birth to her baby girl. The NBC star opened up about the birth on Instagram, revealing that she went through 22 hours of labor before doctors learned that both Janet and her baby girl were sick and in distress. The star opens up