New Amsterdam cast: Who plays Max Goodwin on the NBC show?

Ryan Eggold
Ryan Eggold plays Dr. Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam. Pic credit: NBC

Ryan Eggold can currently be seen as Dr. Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam, but this is far from his first role. In fact, this isn’t his first role on a primetime NBC show. Eggold has been part of the NBC family for years.

He was born in August 1984 in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he knew he wanted to work in theater, as he attended and graduated from USC’s esteemed theatre department. From there, he got his first work on CBS’s Young and the Restless.

Eggold’s early career also includes brief appearances on HBO’s Entourage, Brothers & Sisters, and even Veronica Mars. All of these were between one and several episodes but were often smaller roles.

Ryan’s first recurring role was on FX’s Dirt, where he played Farber Kauffman in 2008. He starred on seven episodes. He also returned to Entourage in 2008, where he continued to play himself.

Interestingly, he starred as Ryan Matthews in the 90210 remake series, which aired between 2008 and 2011. Here, he starred in 68 episodes. A year after wrapping the show, he starred on five episodes of Daybreak, playing the role of Ben Wilkins.

His NBC work started with The Blacklist, which started filming in 2013. On the show, he played Tom Keen. He was eventually killed off, but not before starring in The Blacklist: Redemption spin-off show in 2017, which focused on Keen’s past.

He also had a small role in BlacKkKlansman, the 2018 Spike Lee movie that ended up with an Academy Awards Best Picture nomination. In the movie, he portrayed Walter Breachway, the President of the Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

He even shared a photo on his Instagram account from the behind-the-scenes.

His IMDB page reveals that he’s currently working on New Amsterdam and has no upcoming projects other than this NBC show. But Eggold also has experience behind the camera, as he served as the director, writer, editor, and producer of the movie, Literally, Right Before Aaron in 2017.

The movie is about Adam (Justin Long) and his breakup with Allison (Cobie Smulders). As he continues to heal from the breakup, he’s invited to her wedding.

Even though he’s no longer on The Blacklist, it sounds like he remains close with his former co-stars, as he shares photos of them on his social media.

In fact, Ryan Eggold’s first Instagram post was from the set of The Blacklist, when he was still playing Tom Keen. Since then, he’s shared several behind-the-scenes photos from his various projects.

Ryan Eggold is a creative soul, and he enjoys writing music, including playing guitar and piano. He also sings in his band, Eleanor Avenue.

Eggold appears to be very private when it comes to his love life. He hasn’t publicly been linked to anyone, but it appears that he’s currently single.

Back in 2014, he revealed that he wasn’t good at picking up women and that he always goes for the quiet and humble approaches. At the time, he wasn’t linked to anyone either.

New Amsterdam airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

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