New Amsterdam recap Episode 16: King of Swords challenges Dr. Goodwin and his team

New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam was hit by a blizzard in Episode 16. Pic credit: Zach Dilgard/NBC

The doctors at New Amsterdam hospital were faced with a blizzard-like snowstorm during Tuesday’s episode.

The episode started out with Dr. Max Goodwin realizing that the storm would keep the hospital busy, challenging how they could help patients coming in for medical help, especially since several hospitals in the city had shut down.

Dr. Lauren Bloom is at the Clifton House in Philadelphia. She’s holding a letter in her hand from Dr. Helen Sharpe, contemplating whether to open it. That’s when she is interrupted by a nurse, who tells her that a patient has overdosed in her room.

When the nurse gets frustrated that Dr. Bloom can’t help her out, Lauren reminds her that she’s there because she’s not allowed to be a doctor. She asks the nurse to wait for a real doctor to help out the patient.

Dr. Max Goodwin calls Dr. Helen Sharpe, asking her to come to work again even though she just returned home. While Sharpe doesn’t appear too thrilled about going back into work, she’s less thrilled that she has to defend her working relationship with Max to her partner.

Dr. Vijay Kapoor’s patient argues with her husband, who doesn’t want to walk five blocks in the storm to get her phone so she can call her kids. The scene cuts to Dr. Sharpe walking into the hospital with Dr. Goodwin waiting for her.

She tells him about the weather outside and an accident that happened outside of Station 27, which means that ambulances can’t get to people who are in dire need for medical help.

That’s when Dr. Max Goodwin decides to bring the hospital to people in need.

He provides a list of 911 calls that have been made within half a mile of the hospital. Together in teams of two, the team starts heading out into the field to help people in need.

Dr. Iggy Frome talks to the children in the hospital about the scary storm. He tries to keep their minds off the storm by bringing out some games and showing them a dysfunctional weather app.

The team gets a call about an older woman who isn’t responding to knocks at her door. When Dr. Goodwin tells his team that he will go see her, Dr. Sharpe says that she refuses to let him go outside given his immune system. He asks her to go with him, as he’s a doctor and he can provide help.

Dr. Kapoor learns that the patient being treated for cancer is now in shock. A fellow doctor tells him that there’s nothing they can do and it will be a surprise if she lasts the night.

Her husband is still getting some rest at the nearby hotel. That’s when Dr. Kapoor decides to head out into the storm to get her husband, so he knows what is happening to his wife. When confronted about his decision, he explains that he doesn’t want the couple’s last conversation to be about a stupid cell phone.

Goodwin and Sharpe find a woman who was unresponsive near the hospital. They manage to bring back a pulse. Meanwhile, Dr. Reynolds finds a man in the street, covered in snow. He had fallen and hit his head.

He explains that his husband needs help. He had gone to the pharmacy to get medicine for his husband, who had extremely high glucose levels.

After Dr. Reynolds sends another doctor along with the medicine for his husband, he realizes that the patient on the street has fallen on a fence and is bleeding to death.

Back in the old woman’s apartment, Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Sharpe discover that the woman’s blood pressure is dropping. Max and Helen argue about who will go back to the hospital to get medicine for the patient, and Helen ends up winning, as she wants Max to stay inside and be safe.

Dr. Iggy Frome heads into the storm on the roof of the hospital but almost falls down. As he recovers, the door closes behind him, locking him out.

The show heads back to Pennsylvania, as Dr. Bloom watches the nurses try to revive the patient who has overdosed. After seeing their efforts, she gets involved, telling them what to do.

She gives the patient an injection and the patient recovers consciousness. After saving the patient, Lauren is seen walking out the door with a bottle of pills in her hand.

Dr. Reynolds is still on the streets with his patient. He’s trying to figure out how the spike has penetrated the patient, but he continues to joke. Dr. Reynolds learns that the patient isn’t cold, and the fluids he has tried to give him has frozen.

Max is still in the apartment with the older lady, who reveals she’s a clairvoyant. While she appreciates the efforts made by Sharpe and Goodwin, she says that she knows she’s going to die.

When Max is challenged by her beliefs, she plays a card trick on him, telling him that he has found the King of Swords card. She tells him that he helps people, but often to the detriment to himself.

She also predicts that Max will lose a woman in his life, and he tells her that while they have been going through a lot, he and his wife are fine.

That’s when the clairvoyant explains that she isn’t talking about his wife. It’s another woman who he cares deeply for. That’s when Sharpe comes back from the hospital.

Dr. Kapoor is seen fighting his way down the street, trying to get to his patient’s husband. Meanwhile, Dr. Reynolds learns that he may be able to move the spike by loosening a bolt, so they can remove him from the streets with the spike in him. To keep the patient’s mind off the pain, Dr. Reynolds tells him to share information about his husband.

Reynolds relates to his patient, sharing his own stories about his family members. His efforts to remove the patient fails for now, but Dr. Reynolds isn’t done. If they leave together, they may survive. If they stay, they will die.

Dr. Frome remains trapped on the roof. One of the children he cares for steps onto the roof with the door shutting behind him. Now, they are both trapped on the roof with the child suicidal, wanting to jump off the roof.

Back in the old lady’s apartment, Max tries to talk to Helen about him as a patient but ends up changing the conversation back to what they need to do to save the patient. Max decides to go back to the hospital to get equipment so they can monitor the patient remotely, and before he leaves, he tells Helen that he loves her as his doctor.

The clairvoyant patient picks up on these vibes, telling Helen that despite feeling some strong vibes between them, it will never work out between them. Helen points out that she’s his doctor and she’s dating someone while Max is married.

Back on the roof, Dr. Frome tries to get answers from his patient as to how he’s doing. Frome inquired about his mental state, asking what is going through his mind. He tells Frome that no one notices that he’s there and he wonders whether people would even notice if he had killed himself.

Frome tells him that he would be heartbroken to lose him as a friend. The two do their best to stay warm in the storm, as they wait for help.

Dr. Kapoor finally reaches his destination, but no one answers the door. To get the man’s attention, he climbs over to a window and bangs on it until the husband wakes up. When the husband sees the doctor, he knows something is wrong.

Dr. Reynolds tells his patient that he has loaded him up on morphine and that he’s ready to carry the patient the six blocks it takes to get to the hospital. The patient tells Dr. Reynolds to tell his husband that if something happens, it isn’t his husband’s fault. Reynolds pulls the man from the spike, carrying him to the hospital to save his life.

Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Sharpe are ready to leave their patient behind. As she tells them she was wrong about dying, she could have been wrong about her other predictions, including those involving the two of them.

Reynolds reaches the hospital with the patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Froome and the child are finally rescued from the rooftop.

Dr. Kapoor arrives back at the hospital with the husband, who has a chance to have some private moments with his wife. He tells her how much she means to him, as he holds her tight.

Back in Pennsylvania, Lauren admits that she had taken the bottle of pills but also admits that she didn’t take any. She also reveals to her own counselor that she really wanted to take the pills, and adds that she will never be a doctor again.

Max and Helen are on their way back to the hospital when Max falls weak. He tells her that she was right all along and that he’s indeed very tired. She cares for him in the streets, with him saying that he should probably listen to her more often. Together, they lean on each other as they make their way back to the hospital.

Dr. Vijay Kapoor gets credit from Dr. Frome about what he did, but Kapoor is reminded of the time his wife died and how they had fought before her death. She had gone to bed angry and she never woke up. He tells Frome that he’s hurting because he never got to tell her how much he loved her smile, her mischief, and her heart.

When Max and Helen return to the hospital, Max sits down at the elevator. He’s tired and exhausted. They talk about their experiences with the clairvoyant. When she asks him if he believes in it all, he tells her that he isn’t sure. He asks her as well with the same answer.

That’s when Helen tells him that they need to talk — about them. As she says, “this thing between us…” the power goes out at the hospital and most of New York City. The episode continues next week.

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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