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Janet Montgomery gives birth to baby girl: Ryan Eggold meets Sunday Juno Fox

Janet Montgomery
Janet Montgomery gives birth to a baby girl. Pic credit: NBC

Janet Montgomery, who plays Dr. Lauren Bloom on New Amsterdam, has given birth to her baby girl. The NBC star opened up about the birth on Instagram, revealing that she went through 22 hours of labor before doctors learned that both Janet and her baby girl were sick and in distress.

The star opens up about having contracted a uterus infection, resulting in her daughter being delivered via an emergency Caesarian. Montgomery also shared details about how she’s recovering from her C-section and how the recovery from this kind of birth is no joke. Bravely, she shared a photo of herself a day after the surgery, so her followers can see her real situation after birth.

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We were discharged from hospital today and I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful nurses and doctors at New York Presbyterian Labor and Delivery. We went in Thursday evening when my contractions started and after a grueling 22 hours of laboring, me and baby both got sick. My incredible doctors called that our beautiful baby girl was in distress and I had contracted a uterus infection. Dr Raymond Wong who has been on this journey with me from the beginning of my pregnancy kept me and my baby safe and calm in one of the scariest most precious moments of my life. Sunday was delivered via emergency Caesarian at 8.59pm and from every single doctor, nurse, PA I encountered in my four days in hospital I felt nothing but confidence from. Not only are they all great at their jobs but they go the extra mile with love for their patients. So thank you all of you. Most people get excited to leave hospital but I am a little sad because I love you all so much! The first photo was taken 2 days after my delivery and the second photo was taken one day after. I wanted to share both so you can see the real real. I was incredibly swollen after surgery and my feet and legs still are! C section recovery is no joke 😱#newyorkpresbyterianhospital #laboranddelivery #csectionrecovery

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On Instagram, Montgomery also revealed that her daughter’s name is Sunday Juno Fox. Janet’s partner has the last name of Fox, which is where the last name comes from.

Ryan Eggold, who plays Dr. Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam, got a chance to meet the little girl, sharing a photo over the weekend. In the caption for the photo, Ryan revealed that Sunday was a perfect little baby and he welcomed her into the world.

On New Amsterdam, Dr. Lauren Bloom walked away from her job at New Amsterdam Hospital to deal with an addiction to Adderall. She wasn’t cleared to continue practicing medicine, and while she didn’t want to leave, Dr. Max Goodwin told her she would always have a place at the hospital.

At the time, fans wondered whether she was leaving New Amsterdam behind and if this was a way to write her out of the show. However, all points to her leaving the show temporarily to have her baby. Since her character isn’t pregnant on the show, writers may have given her an Adderall addiction to give her time off before giving birth and give her maternity leave from the show.

New Amsterdam airs tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12, at 10/9c on NBC.

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