Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam? Does Dr. Helen Sharpe die?

Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam?
Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam? Cliffhanger leaves fans with questions. Pic credit: Eric Liebowitz/NBC

Freema Agyeman, who plays Dr. Helen Sharpe, mysteriously disappeared during the New Amsterdam season finale after the ambulance she was riding in was sideswiped by a stolen ambulance.

She was in the ambulance with Dr. Lauren Bloom, Georgia Goodwin, Max Goodwin, and their newborn daughter, Luna. The episode revealed that someone died during the crash as a body is seen under a white sheet.

Given Agyeman’s character is missing in action, does this mean that she’s the one who will die? Is Freema Agyeman leaving New Amsterdam after Season 1?

“All of those are questions we want everyone to be asking. Indeed, someone dies, as you can see by the sheet. David has a great way of revealing who that is on the first episode of next year, but even the cast doesn’t really know,” Peter Horton, director of New Amsterdam, revealed in an interview with TV Line published last night.

In other words, the cast of New Amsterdam doesn’t even know who will die and who will live, but someone will pass away.

As for Freema Agyeman in particular, she doesn’t have any major projects coming up based on her IMDb profile. Her last movie project was Eat Locals from 2017.

Since then, Agyeman starred on Sense8, which ended in 2018, where she played Amanita Caplan. New Amsterdam has been her only project in the 2018-2019 season that has been documented on IMDb.

Executive producer David Schulner added in the interview that more than one person dies and one is a recurring character. They didn’t want to cheap out, simply killing off the lawyer who stole the ambulance, making everyone think that the main cast is safe.

“No, they don’t, and to be fair, more than one person dies,” David noted.

So, at this time, we simply don’t know if Freema Agyeman is the main character who will die in Season 2, episode 1. Even she doesn’t know if the character of Dr. Helen Sharpe will survive. But she appears to have no major projects coming up that would cause her to exit New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam will return in the fall with Season 2 on NBC.

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