Lady Gaga tapped to star in Joker 2 alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Lady Gaga may be taking on a popular role within the world of superheroes, as she recently confirmed she’ll star in the sequel to Todd Phillips’ hit film, Joker. Gaga, a former Academy Award nominee, shared a tease for the film, which brings back Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix as the title character. Taking to


Todd Phillips returning for Joker sequel

The first Joker movie ended with a confusing scene that allowed audiences to determine whether they believed what happened was real or just one man’s fantasy. The ending was a great, and the critical praise and box office success has Warner Bros. wanting more. A Joker sequel is in the works and The Hollywood Reporter


10 animated episodes that prove Mark Hamill was the best Joker

When Batman: The Animated Series premiered in 1992, it was a breath of fresh air. Fans loved this take on a darker Batman that did justice to him and his famous rogue’s gallery of villains. The best of the bunch was the Joker, and casting Mark Hamill was sheer brilliance. The former Luke Skywalker made


DC considering a Joaquin Phoenix Joker sequel

Batman’s greatest villain might receive another solo movie, as Warner Bros. is considering a second Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix. There have been several Jokers in movies throughout the years. Cesar Romero was the first major Joker that fans saw in a movie and TV show when he appeared in the Adam West Batman franchise


Emma Stone laughs off comparisons between Cruella and The Joker

Emma Stone has a good sense of humor after learning her Cruella has been compared to The Joker.  The Oscar-winning actress has addressed how her live-action version of the iconic Disney villainess is drawing comparisons to a certain DC Comics villain but insists it’s very different. Cruella’s rise Much as with Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, Cruella


Jared Leto sets the record straight on his behavior filming Suicide Squad

The Internet is currently buzzing over the appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker in the new trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut. In intriguing timing, the Oscar-winning actor is chiming in by clearing the air on rumors of his behavior during the filming of 2016’s Suicide Squad. The Joker’s antics Infamous for his in-depth method


See Jared Leto’s return as the Joker for the Justice League Snyder Cut

One of the most anticipated DC projects isn’t coming to theaters. It is the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max. After a brief tease, Zack Snyder has revealed the first full look at Jared Leto, reprising his role of the Joker for the extended version of the 2017 movie. Leto’s Joker history The


Zack Snyder reveals sneak peek of Joker from Justice League: The Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League comes out in just over one month on HBO Max, and the director has been dropping hints about what fans can expect. Over the weekend, Snyder released a look at Martian Manhunter, letting fans know the rumors were true about the hero appearing in his director’s cut. Now, Snyder has followed


Are Batman and The Joker brothers?

Back in 2019, director Todd Phillips gave us a fresh new take on The Joker (read our review) that we have never seen in the Batman films. We have always known the character has mental health issues, but it’s rarely seen from a sympathetic perspective. With Joaquin’s haunting portrayal plus the excessive weight loss, laughter