Joker movie review: Mental illness is no laughing matter

Mental illness is nothing to joke about. And with Joker, it’s a dark black uneasy depiction of how someone with a pre-existing mental condition can snap. There’s nothing funny about the movie and when one does laugh, it’s nervous laughter. And by the time the credits roll in Joker, the viewer will either be blown away


Joker end credits scene: Is there a mid- or post-credit scene after the movie?

The new Joker movie will bring a brand new story to the screen about how one of DC Comics’ most popular villains of all-time became the madman he is. The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips, has received critical acclaim ahead of its widespread release. It’s also drawn plenty of interest from

Joaquin Phoenix shows dramatic weight loss in Joker trailer

Yesterday, the first trailer dropped for the latest film by Warner Brothers and DC involving The Joker. What is clear from the footage is this will be an unconventional take on a comic book villain with inspiration from classic films like Taxi Driver. The footage also looks like a drastic departure from Jared Leto’s attempt.