Joker end credits scene: Is there a mid- or post-credit scene after the movie?

joaquin phoenix stars in joker movie 2019
Actor Joaquin Phoenix in Warner Bros.’ 2019 movie Joker. Pic credit: Warner Bros. screencap

The new Joker movie will bring a brand new story to the screen about how one of DC Comics’ most popular villains of all-time became the madman he is. The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips, has received critical acclaim ahead of its widespread release.

It’s also drawn plenty of interest from viewers who saw the different trailers. Many moviegoers are now wondering if they’ll need to stick around to see if there are any Joker end credits scenes after the movie.

Joker plot synopsis, trailer, and reception so far

The synopsis for the new Joker movie is quite simple. Per IMDb it’s, “a gritty character study of Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society.” It involves Fleck’s descent into madness in Gotham, which is also known as the home of Bruce Wayne (aka Batman). However, there will be no Caped Crusader to battle Joker here. It’s a tale revolving around the villain and what made him.

He’s a clown-for-hire by day and ends up making a bad decision that causes more bad things to start happening around him. Phoenix takes on the role masterfully based on most reviews so far, and the trailer offers brilliant glimpses of his transition from societal outcast to heinous villain.

One trailer also shows off another major star in the film, Robert DeNiro, who plays talk show host Murray Franklin. Other stars include Zazie Beetz, Bill Camp, and Brett Cullen.

Here’s the final Joker trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The new movie originally debuted in Venice in August. Since that premiere, it’s gained plenty of praise from critics. Many of them are saying Joaquin Phoenix is in another Oscar-worthy performance. However, the current Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score for the movie itself is sitting at just 69 of 100 percent overall. Meanwhile, the audience score is 92 percent after 479 user reviews on the website.

Despite what seems like a lackluster overall critics’ score, the movie should still perform well this weekend at the box office based on what audiences are saying. In addition, it provides a new style for comic book movies translated to the big screen that hopefully more filmmakers will embrace in the future.

Is there a Joker end credits scene after the movie?

The new Joker film is full of brilliant, engaging, gritty, and sometimes brutal scenes. However, Phoenix in the main role should keep audiences captivated by his performance. It’s got a running time of just over two hours so it shouldn’t really drag on.

As with many other comic book adaptation films, it also has moviegoers wondering if there will be any Joker end credits scenes. Could there be a cameo from Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Harley Quinn?

Sadly, this movie’s scenes end once the credits roll. There won’t be any mid-credits or post-credits scenes to stick around for. In fact, director Todd Phillips previously said this is merely a standalone film and wasn’t made as part of a DC Extended Universe (DCEU). So that means there’s no set up for a sequel here or some sort of hints at Joker being involved in that new Birds of Prey movie.

Some moviegoers may want to stay to listen to any music played or see who was involved in the different roles and overall production. Others may want to sit for a moment to process what they’ve seen. The movie’s official run time is two hours and two minutes. Joker is in theaters on Thursday, October 3.

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