DC considering a Joaquin Phoenix Joker sequel

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
Joaquin Phoenix shows dramatic weight loss as Joker. Pic credit: Warner Brothers/YouTube

Batman’s greatest villain might receive another solo movie, as Warner Bros. is considering a second Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix.

There have been several Jokers in movies throughout the years.

Cesar Romero was the first major Joker that fans saw in a movie and TV show when he appeared in the Adam West Batman franchise in the ’60s.

In 1989, Tim Burton’s Batman used Joker as the first major villain and cast multiple time Oscar-nominee Jack Nicholson. When Christopher Nolan took the lead with his Dark Knight Trilogy, he brought in Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight.

Ledger picked up the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the role, the first time a superhero movie picked up an Oscar for acting.

Jared Leto was next, in Zack Snyder’s DCEU and then Joaquin Phoenix took on the role in The Joker in 2019, and became the second actor to win an Oscar for portraying Joker in a movie.

Joker movie getting a sequel?

Joker had an ending that questioned whether Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck was really Joker or not. Much of the movie was all in Fleck’s imagination, the outcome in doubt even when the movie ended.

THR reported that all the upcoming movies in DC will take place in the same universe, outside of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and the HBO Max spinoff Gotham PD.

However, the reports reveal that a sequel for The Joker is also at the top of Warner Bros. wish list, especially after its awards and critical acclaim.

A new report revealed the sequel is in development, with many other DC Comics projects at the studio. With that said, this movie doesn’t live in the same world as the previous DC movies.

Upcoming DCEU movies

The upcoming DCEU movies will start off with The Suicide Squad this year, but then things should reset with The Flash, as the Flashpoint storyline will reset things for DC.

Other upcoming movies include Black Adam, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, and sequels for Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

If THR is right, would Warner Bros. bring Joker and its sequel into the world of the DCEU? If so, what will happen with Jared Leto’s version of Joker?

This could lead to the incredible Three Jokers storyline, where there was more than one Joker in history, and Leto and Phoenix could both play different versions of the Crown Prince of Crime.

There is no timeline for the Joker sequel.

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