Are Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar courting? Here’s why fans think they are

It looks like more courting announcements are coming soon from the Duggar family.  Currently, there is wild speculation around the second set of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s twins.  Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar are both rumored to be courting. One is said to be engaged to Lauren Caldwell, Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister. The other is


Jedidiah Duggar reportedly back at home with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jedidiah Duggar is back home with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. He was living with his twin brother, Jeremiah in a home that was featured on Counting On. The brothers appeared to be happy in their place, even revealing they shared a room because they are twins. Now, it looks like both may be under


Is Jedidiah Duggar courting? Here’s why Counting On fans think he is

Jedidiah Duggar is the target of courting rumors. The young man recently lost his political race, and now, it looks like he may have a lady in his life to help that hurt less. Speculation has been abundant since he joined Instagram last year. It used to be that Duggars didn’t get social media until