Is Jedidiah Duggar courting? Here’s why Counting On fans think he is

Jedidiah Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jedidiah Duggar may be courting. Pic credit: TLC

Jedidiah Duggar is the target of courting rumors.

The young man recently lost his political race, and now, it looks like he may have a lady in his life to help that hurt less.

Speculation has been abundant since he joined Instagram last year. It used to be that Duggars didn’t get social media until they were courting, but now, it no longer matters and several single adult children have accounts.

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Is Jedidiah courting?

Recently, Jessa Duggar shared a video of the fall festival the Duggar family hosted at the family compound.

There was pumpkin painting, skillet tossing, kite building, and more included in the video Jessa put together. Not only did many of the Duggar siblings appear, but friends of the family also took part in the fun event.

In the video, Jessa is heard teasing Jedidiah Duggar at the pumpkin painting station about making one for his “darling.” It can be seen and heard around the 9:40 mark in the video.

This has been just the thing to get the rumor mill buzzing about a courtship again.

Of course, it could have been done for just that reason.

Courting announcements and babies on the way mean money for the Duggar family and another season of Counting On. After a busy two years, things appear to be winding down.

A new courtship could be just what the family needs to get TLC moving on a new season of the show.

The 2020 Duggar Family Fall Festival! ? ☕️ ? ?

What has Jedidiah Duggar been up to?

After losing his political race, he hasn’t been sharing much on social media.

When Counting On viewers last saw Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar, they were in their new house.

The second set of Duggar twins were still sharing a room despite having two bedrooms. They were teased quite a bit about that on social media.

Jana Duggar shared a photo of her and her twin brothers taking a helicopter ride a little over a week ago. It was thought they may have been heading to California to see Jinger Duggar and her new baby, but it was never confirmed.

She and Jedidiah are super close, which has been proven over and over on social media. In fact, one photo of Jana in pants was taken while she and Jed were taking a bike ride.

If he is courting, Jana is likely in on it. She could easily be the chaperone without drawing too much attention.

There hasn’t been much buzz about another courtship since Justin Duggar announced his at the end of the Counting On season.

Jedidiah Duggar may be courting, and if he is, an announcement should be coming soon.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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