Jedidiah engagement: Nakatsu family shares video, quickly deletes it

Jedidiah Duggar in a confessional.
Jedidiah Duggar’s engagement appears to be real. Pic credit: TLC

Update: It appears the blog has been reposted, but if the link is clicked on, the post itself reads unavailable. Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball was able to get the video (see below).

Jedidiah Duggar has been at the center of several wedding speculations and engagement rumors over the last few weeks. 

Initially, it was revealed that both he and his twin brother, Jeremiah Duggar, were courting, though the girls’ names were interchanged, and no one was quite sure what was going on. 

Earlier this week, photos from an engagement were circulating on social media.

Along with that, Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball got her hands on what appeared to be a wedding invite. 

Katelyn Nakatsu and Jedidiah Duggar are allegedly tying the knot on April 3, which is the Saturday before Easter.

Nakatsu family shared engagement video then removes it 

Today, Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray shared the video on Facebook. Unfortunately, following the word that it got out, the video was removed from the Nakatsu blog. 

It confirmed that Jedidiah Duggar proposed to Katelyn Nakatsu at the barn where the photos that have been circulating were taken. The event was dated February 14, 2021, which puts their engagement on Valentine’s Day. 

Both Jed and Katey read their promises to each other in the video that was roughly three minutes long. It was a voice-over as it wasn’t done while they were face to face during their engagement. 

The biggest question is why this is being kept so secretive. In the past, the Duggars have worked hard to make grand gestures when someone was courting or engaged. The speculation is that Jedidiah Duggar wants to be more private than his siblings, which isn’t unbelievable. 

Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu timeline 

Back in the fall, Jessa Duggar teased Jedidiah Duggar about painting a pumpkin for his sweetheart. So, if that was the case, he and she have been courting or seeing one another for around six months or so. 

The proposal came on Valentine’s Day, and if the wedding date is correct, the couple will be tying the knot in just two weeks. That is quick, which has also raised some eyebrows among followers. 

Because everything has been quiet and the confirmation that did come has now been deleted, there may be an announcement being worked on. The Nakatsus outed the big news before the Duggars could and damage control is being worked on now. 

When the announcement will come remains to be seen, but expect it soon. The Duggars know how to work social media and it is their time to shine. 

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