Jedidiah Duggar wedding confirmed by friend Tristan Miller, still no comment from Duggar family

Jedidiah Duggar in a confessional on Counting On.
Jedidiah Duggar’s wedding was confirmed. Pic credit: TLC

Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu’s wedding has been confirmed. 

The secrecy surrounding the event has puzzled Duggar fans and critics alike. Typically, the family screams these announcements from the rooftops, and this time, there has been no acknowledgment from them at all. 

Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball was able to capture one of Jedidiah’s friends answering questions about the wedding before he took them down. While it is only a few short clips, Tristan Jamal Miller confirms that the wedding is happening on April 3 as he is in the wedding party and has to be “there” on April 2. 

What did the Jedidiah Duggar videos made by Tristan reveal? 

Tristan Jamal Miller, who is a close friend of Jedidiah Duggar, revealed that the wedding was taking place on April 3. He made it seem like he had to travel to be at the wedding, which makes sense. 

Katey Nakatsu lives in Arizona, and it is likely that the wedding will be held there. So when Tristan says he has to be there on April 2, it likely means he is traveling. 

He skirts the questions about whether Jedidiah Duggar and Katey’s marriage was arranged. There has been speculation that is the case based on the way the engagement played out and the “vows” they said to one another in the promise of a wedding. 

Also, he didn’t say anything about why everyone has kept quiet about Jedidiah’s wedding. Usually, the Duggars are vocal and excited to share the joy of a big event like a courtship, engagement, and wedding. Not one thing has been said about anything regarding the event. 

Will an announcement be made on the Counting On episode? 

Next week, TLC has added a new episode of Counting On to the Tuesday night lineup. It is a full hour-long episode and the description talks about the birth of Brooklyn Praise Duggar and an Easter celebration. 

The synopsis is confusing because Easter has yet to happen and Brooklyn was born back in February. It is likely that the family celebrated early because of Jedidiah Duggar’s wedding happening Easter weekend and the family being unable to celebrate together just one day after he ties the knot. 

Also, Jedidah and Katey will be live streaming their wedding, so the number of guests attending is unknown. It could be a small gathering with the siblings watching online. After all, they were all just together one month ago for Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey’s nuptials. 

How this plays out remains to be seen, but with the wedding confirmed, Duggar fans and critics are anxiously awaiting the outcome. 

Counting On is airing a new episode on Tuesday, March 30 at 10/9c on TLC.

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