Big Brother showmance of Jackson Michie and Holly Allen comes to an end

The Big Brother 21 showmance between Jackson Michie and Holly Allen has come to an end. The former couple took to social media to share that their relationship is over. It was as members of the BB21 cast that Jackson and Holly became a couple. Jackson started out the summer 2019 season in a relationship


Big Brother 21 cast: Holly Allen, Jackson Michie relationship still strong

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie and runner-up Holly Allen are still in a strong relationship. Months after exiting the Big Brother house in September, the couple continues to spend time together. A showmance between Jackson and Holly began early on in the summer 2019 season of the show, which ended up helping them on


Big Brother 21 showmance ready to take on The Amazing Race

The Big Brother 21 showmance of Jackson Michie and Holly Allen has stated that they are ready to take on The Amazing Race next. Can they be the next Big Brother houseguests to win the $1 million prize? Jackson had previously stated that he wants to apply to be on Survivor. It was something he


Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark interviewed Jackson Michie [Video]

Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark sat down with Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie for an extended interview. Kaycee spoke with him about his time in the house, how they had vibed together in Vegas, and various other topics. For fans who enjoyed watching Jackson play the game this summer, this was a unique


Who won Big Brother Season 21? Julie Chen Moonves revealed winner

Big Brother Season 21 came to an end last week, with the jury declaring its winner. It was a bit of a controversial season, but it still ended up being one of the most-watched shows on television this summer. Host Julie Chen Moonves was on hand to reveal the summer 2019 winner. It was based


Big Brother 21 recap: Did Jackson Michie deserve to win?

Jackson Michie is the Big Brother 21 winner. He now has that title and nobody can take it away from him. That’s what the BB21 jury decided was best during the season finale. There were a lot of fans who didn’t enjoy watching Jackson on the show. He was brash, rude, manipulative, condescending, and insincere.