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Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark interviewed Jackson Michie [Video]

Jackson And Kaycee
Big Brother winners Jackson Michie and Kaycee Clark chat about the game. Pic credit: Kaycee Clark/YouTube

Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark sat down with Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie for an extended interview. Kaycee spoke with him about his time in the house, how they had vibed together in Vegas, and various other topics.

For fans who enjoyed watching Jackson play the game this summer, this was a unique way to see how he interacts with people outside of the house. The full interview is shared below in a video and it’s nearly 30 minutes in length.

Kaycee shared a long post on social media when she uploaded the video, hinting that people should judge each other less. The interview itself took place at Jackson’s home, where he had invited Kaycee to chat with him.

Below is what Kaycee had to say in order to prime her social media followers for what they were about to see.

“Change starts with us. With us understanding that everybody walks in different shoes than us. Judge less, accept more. Hate less, love more. Because when we do that we stop being a part of the problem and become a part of the solution. Let’s be here for one another, let’s leave aside our differences and embrace the journey of self-empowerment by empowering others. Other people will learn by example and follow our steps.”

Jackson Michie interviewed by Kaycee Clark

Jackson stated that his entire goal in the game was to paint targets on other people and fuel egos. He said that he tried to “almost make sure that there was a bigger fish in the pond than myself.”

Kaycee said that it was a smart and awesome strategy and that Jackson was aware of his surroundings in the house. She also said that the way he explained it was “intriguing” and that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

There were also moments during the interview where Jackson said that he was on his own during portions of the game. Viewers will have to interpret those comments as they see fit, as it never really seemed like he was on his own in the house after he joined one of the biggest alliances in the history of the show.

Potential future houseguests might want to take a look at this video and see what two winners of the $500,000 prize felt was the best way to play the game.

They both touched on a lot of strategies, how to play long-term, and how important it was to set goals for the entire summer.

Big Brother returns to CBS with new episodes in summer 2020.

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