Big Brother 21 cast: Holly Allen, Jackson Michie relationship still strong

Holly and Jackson Interview
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie doing an interview after Big Brother 21 ended. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie and runner-up Holly Allen are still in a strong relationship. Months after exiting the Big Brother house in September, the couple continues to spend time together.

A showmance between Jackson and Holly began early on in the summer 2019 season of the show, which ended up helping them on a path straight to the final two.

While some relationships that start on the reality competition show don’t last in the outside world, the one between Jackson and Holly appears to be as strong as ever.

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Jackson and Holly spent quite a bit of time together since their season ended. That includes Jackson taking Holly back to Nashville, Tennessee to visit his family shortly after their celebrations in Vegas. They also spent Thanksgiving with his family.

For Christmas, Holly took Jackson to meet her family in Wyoming. It was another huge event in the relationship and shows how involved both families have become in their lives.

During each of these significant steps in their relationship, Holly has been sharing images on her Instagram account to let fans know how well they are doing together.

In fact, she just posted one (shared below) of the couple enjoying their time in Wyoming to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

There has also been time to spend with friends from the Big Brother 21 cast, whom the couple has done a lot with since their season came to an end.

The image below is when Holly spent some time with Kathryn Dunn in Colorado.

Holly even spent time with Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera, and Christie Murphy in California. One of the images from their exploits together is shared below.

For fans of this quartet on the show, it could be a pretty amusing moment in time that they have captured.

Should Holly Allen and Jackson Michie return to Big Brother?

Each offseason of the summer show, there are rumors about an All-Stars cast getting created for a successive season.

Well, if there is a cast constructed with duos from the past, it looks like Holly Allen and Jackson Michie might be one that should be considered.

They dominated their season and continue to share a bond that could play well in a return season.

Big Brother 22 will debut on CBS during summer 2020.

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