Who won Big Brother Season 21? Julie Chen Moonves revealed winner

Julie Chen BB21 Finale
Julie Chen Moonves hosting the Big Brother 21 season finale. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother Season 21 came to an end last week, with the jury declaring its winner. It was a bit of a controversial season, but it still ended up being one of the most-watched shows on television this summer.

Host Julie Chen Moonves was on hand to reveal the summer 2019 winner. It was based on the vote of the nine members of the BB21 jury. They were split but ended up deciding who should win the $500,000 prize.

Who won Big Brother Season 21?

Jackson Michie won. He beat out Holly Allen at the end, as the BB21 jury sided with him on a 6-3 vote. It wasn’t without controversy, but after he won the final Head of Household Competition and evicted Nicole Anthony, he added even more to his overall resume.

BB21 jury votes

Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, Cliff Hogg, Nick Maccarone, and Tommy Bracco all voted for Jackson Michie to win. With that, Jackson became $500,000 richer. He had previously won $10,000 during a Luxury Competition in the house.

Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony, and Kathryn Dunn voted for Holly Allen to win. For finishing in second place, Holly took home a $50,000 prize. Not too shabby for 99 days of work.

America’s Favorite Houseguest

America fell in love with Nicole while watching her during the CBS episodes and on the live feeds. They voted for her to be America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer, netting her a nice $25,000 prize at the finale.

There were a lot of viewers who didn’t like the end results of this season. Some even refused to watch the season finale because they feared that Jackson was going to win. No matter how many people were against him or how the evicted houseguests felt about him, Jackson made his way to becoming the Big Brother Season 21 winner.

Big Brother returns with new episodes on CBS in summer 2020.

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