Who is Jackson Michie On Big Brother 21 cast? Server plans to use social game

Jackson Michie On BB21
Jackson Michie during interview for Big Brother 21 season. Pic credit: CBS

Jackson Michie is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast. He just finished his live feeds interview with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder, where he has a lot to say about the upcoming season.

Jackson noted that he is single, which should be interesting news to the rest of the BB21 cast. On Monday, CBS revealed the full cast list of 16 people for summer 2019.

Who is Jackson Michie on BB21 cast?

Jackson is a server from Nashville who is currently living in Los Angeles. He describes himself as driven, assertive, and confident. Those attributes could serve him well inside the game. Especially if he can make an alliance early on.

When speaking with Jeff about how he would play the game, Jackson stated that he feared he would be perceived as a physical threat. Having said that, Jackson revealed that he would work hard on the social aspect of the game.

Jackson seemed very enthralled to be on the show, at one point telling Jeff that he never expected to be there in a million years. He went on to say that he is looking forward to getting away from social media, which he says is ruining this generation.

When does Big Brother 21 start this summer?

The schedule of episodes released by CBS has the show debuting on Tuesday, June 25. The first episode is at 8/7c on CBS, with the second part of the two-night premiere airing on Wednesday, June 26.

Now that the cast interviews are being revealed by CBS and Jeff Schroeder, it won’t be long until they are playing the game. The BB21 cast members enter the house before the premiere, giving producers enough time to record a lot of footage for the first few episodes.

Big Brother returns with new episodes during summer 2019 on CBS.

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