Escaping Polygamy’s Yolanda Barlow: What is the former FLDS member up to now?

Escaping Polygamy has been chronicling the lives of those who practice polygamy and the amount of courage it takes to leave that life behind. Between The Kingston Clan and the FLDS, the sisters have helped plenty escaped into a world of freedom. Viewers met Yolanda Barlow during the first season of Escaping Polygamy. She left


Who is the insider on Escaping Polygamy?

Escaping Polygamy is a reality show that features people who “escape” the polygamous groups they have been raised in. Over the course of the show, the main focuses are the Kingston Clan and the FLDS. The Kingston Clan is where Jessica, Andrea, and Shanell escaped over a decade ago. They are Utah-based, unlike the FLDS

Escaping Polygamy return date: When does the show return to Lifetime?

Escaping Polygamy is returning with brand new episodes after being away for several months. The show follows three sisters who help others to escape polygamist groups and start a new life filled with freedom. The docu-series has brought a lot of attention to what is happening in some of these polygamist groups. Not only is

Escaping Polygamy: What is The Order?

Escaping Polygamy chronicles three sisters helping people escape the polygamist group known as the Kingston clan and other polygamist groups like the FLDS. The leader of the Kingston clan is Paul Kingston, and his brothers are also important people within the order. They all believe heavily in plural marriage and in blood marrying blood. Throughout

Priscilla from Escaping Polygamy: What is she doing now?

Escaping Polygamy is back on Lifetime with a brand new season. The show documents individuals and families who are leaving cults that force multiple wives and other activities that are often deemed inappropriate. Priscilla Tucker first appeared on Escaping Polygamy back in 2015 during the first season of the show. When she turned 17 and

Escaping Polygamy: When does Season 4 premiere?

Escaping Polygamy is headed back to the small screen in just a few weeks. After plenty of back and forth, it was finally revealed that the show will be on Lifetime this season instead of A&E like it has been for previous ones. Initially, there was a June 4 premiere date. It is unclear why

Escaping Polygamy: Former Order member fears for her dad’s life

On tonight’s Escaping Polygamy, a former member of The Order seeks out Jessica and Kollene’s help over fears that her dad’s life is in danger. Her father Fred was born and raised in the polygamous Kingston cult, but now he’s old and frail and suffers from Parkinson’s. She feels that his best interests are no longer