Priscilla from Escaping Polygamy: What is she doing now?

Priscilla Tucker, whose story has featured on Escaping Polygamy. Pic credit: @Pr1sc1ll4/Instagram

Escaping Polygamy is back on Lifetime with a brand new season. The show documents individuals and families who are leaving cults that force multiple wives and other activities that are often deemed inappropriate.

Priscilla Tucker first appeared on Escaping Polygamy back in 2015 during the first season of the show. When she turned 17 and was due to get married she reached out to fellow former cult member Kollene Snow for assistance to leave polygamist group The Order.

Kollene helped to facilitate a place for Priscilla to stay after she left. The stipulation was that she had to leave Utah because, if not, she would be legally ordered to return to the ordeal she was running from. After speaking to a friend in Las Vegas, it was decided that is where Priscilla would be headed.

Priscilla was then taken in by couple Tolga and Christine Marie Katas in the city. Prior to this, Priscilla had tried to escape three times, but all her attempts had failed. Christine set up Priscilla at a cosmetology school when she arrived, which is something she had wanted to pursue.

Escaping Polygamy later gave an update on Priscilla, revealing she was still in Las Vegas — but she did not pursue cosmetology as a career because of the emotional journey she was walking.

She was seen struggling with missing her family, sometimes even considering returning to The Order. She was also living with her boyfriend, who was not someone her family would have approved of her dating.

Fast forward to the present day and Priscilla is still living with her boyfriend, and the two now share a daughter together. She is working at one of the many casinos in Las Vegas and she also runs a channel on YouTube which focuses on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

She also posts regular beauty tips and updates about her life on her Instagram page, where she recently thanked fans for their support after her most recent Escaping Polygamy update. She said: “I love you all, and am so grateful to be surrounded by such loving people!”

Escaping Polygamy airs Mondays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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david B Israel
david B Israel
2 years ago

I help people and would be glad to help Priscilla and her new family. I am born Jewish and taught their doctrines but left because i fount them to be false. I help many people including immigrants from Mexico and Central America here in New York. ty very much, David