Escaping Polygamy: Former Order member fears for her dad’s life

Former Order member on Escaping Polygamy
The former Order member reveals her fears about her father on tonight’s Escaping Polygamy

On tonight’s Escaping Polygamy, a former member of The Order seeks out Jessica and Kollene’s help over fears that her dad’s life is in danger.

Her father Fred was born and raised in the polygamous Kingston cult, but now he’s old and frail and suffers from Parkinson’s.

She feels that his best interests are no longer at heart with The Order looking over him, and feels he may be left in peril.

She tells Jessica and Kollene: “He’s pretty much withering away right now,” adding: “The elderly are costly and disposable.”

Jessica asks if The Order know she is trying to help her father, and they hatch a dangerous plan to free him from under their clutches.

In a race against time they have to go to his home and get him out without being stopped. It’s not long before what they’re doing gets some unwanted attention.

But his daughter vows: “I was brought up in this cult. I’m not afraid. I’m going to do what I can for my dad.”


Escaping Polygamy airs Sundays at 10/9c on A&E.

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