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Escaping Polygamy: What is The Order?

Jessica from Escaping Polygamy during a confessional
Jessica helps others to escape The Order on Escaping Polygamy

Escaping Polygamy chronicles three sisters helping people escape the polygamist group known as the Kingston clan and other polygamist groups like the FLDS.

The leader of the Kingston clan is Paul Kingston, and his brothers are also important people within the order. They all believe heavily in plural marriage and in blood marrying blood.

Throughout the course of watching Escaping Polygamy, the show has mentioned The Order several times, often in the context of “leaving The Order”. While there are plenty of assumptions about what it is, the actual definition of it may surprise you.

When you hear talk of The Order, the people mentioning it are directly talking about the Kingston clan. Everyone who is a part of the group knows it as The Order. It is an insider term, something that is said a lot throughout Escaping Polygamy. The sisters on the show — Jessica, Andrea, and Shantell — were all once a part of the group as well.

The Order owns the Davis County Cooperative. This is the business run by all of the members of the Kingston clan and is said to be worth $2million.

The group has a community bank where everyone, including young children, are said to have accounts. One of the biggest challenges in leaving The Order reportedly comes when the person wants to collect the money from their savings accounts.

The Davis County Cooperative runs several businesses throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. Members of the Kingston group are said to often work for the companies under the cooperative, ensuring the money stays within their group.

Paul Kingston is reported to be adamant about how things are run, especially when it comes to his people and their money.

Escaping Polygamy airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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