Escaping Polygamy: When does Season 4 premiere?

Kollene Snow on Escaping Polygamy
Kollene Snow talking to producers on Escaping Polygamy

Escaping Polygamy is headed back to the small screen in just a few weeks. After plenty of back and forth, it was finally revealed that the show will be on Lifetime this season instead of A&E like it has been for previous ones.

Initially, there was a June 4 premiere date. It is unclear why it was changed, but Escaping Polygamy will now be back on June 18. The two-week wait is said to be worth it, especially because it will be a full season this time around.

The show follows three sisters who escaped polygamy and work to help others do the same. In the three prior seasons, several of the stories really resonated with viewers.

Some of the events portrayed on the series seem almost surreal to watch, especially considering that they are happening in the United States. The series shows that there is danger lurking when trying to escape a cult, especially when you are a female.

The three sisters — Andrea Brewer, Jessica Christensen, and Shanell DeRieux — grew up in a very secretive polygamist colony called the Kingston clan, which is very different from the kind of polygamy fans see on popular shows like Sister Wives.

Season 4 of Escaping Polygamy will premiere on the Lifetime network on June 18 at 10 P.M. EST. The network has promised a season full of surprises, something that fans can look forward to despite the premiere delay.

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