Escaping Polygamy return date: When does the show return to Lifetime?

Escaping Polygamy opening on Lifetime
Escaping Polygamy is back with new episodes. Pic credit: Lifetime

Escaping Polygamy is returning with brand new episodes after being away for several months. The show follows three sisters who help others to escape polygamist groups and start a new life filled with freedom.

The docu-series has brought a lot of attention to what is happening in some of these polygamist groups. Not only is there mental and physical abuse happening at alarming rates, but there are also so many other things that make what these women do to help dangerous.

When does Escaping Polygamy officially return?

The new batch of Escaping Polygamy episodes will begin to air on April 1. According to Broadway World, there will be some intense storylines. One will feature a daughter searching for her mom who was separated from her because of the church. Another storyline will see the sisters attempt to rescue a young woman from a house of repentance after an affair.

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Who are the sisters?

Jessica, Andrea, and Shanell are living proof that you can escape from the horrors of polygamist groups and make it in the free world. Their personal horrors have driven them to help those who need a way out.

Throughout various episodes, each of the women has opened up about their life. Now, they are working toward helping others and making sure they have the best shot at a life outside of the group they are escaping from.

The Kingston Clan and the FLDS are two of the groups profiled on Escaping Polygamy. Rachel Jeffs will be joining the women in the upcoming episodes as they work on freeing more people who are ready to walk away from what could be dubbed as cults.

Escaping Polygamy returns April 1, 2019, at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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