Brown family’s new home revealed on Alaskan Bush People

The new home of the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People is revealed on this week’s episode — along with footage of them bidding their final farewell to their Alaskan homestead Browntown. The family initially moved to California so Ami could undergo treatment as she battles lung cancer, which has reportedly recently worsened. Reports claim

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s cancer has worsened reports claim

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s cancer has worsened, progressing to stage 4, according to online reports. An admin on the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page — which regularly posts updates about what the Brown family get up to behind the scenes — made the claim in response to a query from a fan. It was

Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown reveals heartbreak in emotional messages

Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown has revealed he is struggling with a broken heart, in emotional messages posted on his Instagram. He posted two messages on the site, with the first showing a picture of him and a woman believed to be his ex-girlfriend. The website Inquisitr told how a message, which was later removed,

Ami Brown begins treatment on Alaskan Bush People

Ami Brown begins her cancer treatment on tonight’s Alaskan Bush People. The episode will air new footage following a two-week break for the series. As well as showing the start of Ami’s treatment for stage 3b lung cancer, fans will also find out what happened to the Brown family’s boat the Integrity. We will also

Alaskan Bush People family gather round Ami Brown in poignant family photo

Alaskan Bush People’s Joshua Bam Bam Brown has shared a poignant photo of his family showing them gathered around mom Ami, who is currently battling cancer. The picture, posted to both Bam Bam’s Facebook and Twitter pages, showed the Browns standing and sitting together around a tree along with their dog Mr. Cupcake and a

Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown given gruelling cancer treatment plan

Ami Brown received a gruelling 12-week treatment plan on last night’s Alaskan Bush People as she battles cancer. The beloved Brown family matriarch was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer after a meeting with oncologists. And it was revealed she will have to undergo 12 weeks of “intense” radiation and chemotherapy in a bid to


How exactly did Matt get injured on Alaskan Bush People?

Last night’s Alaskan Bush People finally showed the footage of Matt Brown being injured in an explosion at Browntown. But what exactly happened? The incident took place not long after camera crews had left the area after completing shooting for the day, with the rest of the family in California with matriarch Ami as she