How exactly did Matt get injured on Alaskan Bush People?

Matt looking down at the ground in a photo from Alaskan Bush People
Matt, the Brown family’s eldest son, in a photo from Alaskan Bush People

Last night’s Alaskan Bush People finally showed the footage of Matt Brown being injured in an explosion at Browntown.

But what exactly happened?

The incident took place not long after camera crews had left the area after completing shooting for the day, with the rest of the family in California with matriarch Ami as she battles lung cancer.

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Matt, 34, was alone on the homestead when the explosion took place, with the crew immediately returning to the property to find Matt bleeding from a head injury.

Matt then had to be evacuated by air to Juneau where medics treat his injury and seal the wound with nine staples in his head.

It had previously been reported that he was injured when a mason jar filled with gunpowder and cannon fuse exploded in his fridge.

On last night’s show Matt revealed the explosive was a deterrent to keep bears away from the family’s homestead, and he had detonated it by accident.

He said: “The bears were really bad. I just got overly paranoid in the situation and took it a little too far.”

He added: “Essentially what happened is I got careless. I was alone on my island and there were bears around. I take things 90 miles an hour and I don’t really think about it before just jumping there. ”

Matt went to rehab last year for help with alcohol abuse, and on last night’s show younger brother Bam and sister Rain said mom Ami’s health issues would likely have been weighing heavily on Matt’s mind.

Bam said: “I don’t want to speculate. I just know that he was trying to keep up a strong, brave front for everybody and I think he just cracked a little bit.”

Rain added: “He was probably feeling so much stress that he wasn’t thinking clearly at all. I feel bad that we put so much on his shoulders because no one should ever do anything alone.”

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery. There is no show next week as it’s Shark Week.

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